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Thank you so much. I must say your customer service is great. I’ve had occasions to ask questions via email in the past and had always had timely responses and even phone responses. Also the fast delivery of my orders is greatly appreciated. I am one very satisfied customer!!!

Victoria F.

Canneuro1000 — I have been using CBD oil since July 2018. I have endured horrific pain in my neck and spine for several years. I also have Tarlov Cysts at my upper spine. CBD oil has been able to eliminate the worst of my pain…and I am able to enjoy my life again. Thank you Wellphora, for your great product and amazing customer service.

Wenda B.

Canneuro600 — We purchased this oil about three weeks ago for our son who is on the spectrum had ADHD. For a while he was struggling with different ADHD medications prescribed by his pediatrician. He had terrible reactions to them and what’s worse, they didn’t relieve any of his ADHD symptoms or improve his focus. When we started this oil we noticed changes right away. Improved eye contact. Happier. More focused. We are so grateful to have found Wellphora and we will continue purchasing these products for ever. Thank you for what you are doing. I have my son back!

Katie B.

Thrivessence Pain Cream — I live in Illinois but was in Sun City AZ early spring and was drawn in to the farmers market stand for the CBD products. I am an amputee and have a bad back and knee. I used a bit and could feel the slight heat from the cream and went ahead and bought one. I love this product. It helps when I have overdone the day and feel pain in my hip, back, or knee. It will help it in a matter of minutes and best of all there is no terrible smell or greasy feeling. I bought the 2 oz and am buying another to have it by me where I sit and one for travel. Great cream!

LuAnn K.

Canneuro1000 — Helps relieve my muscle aches. I was skeptical about whether this oil would help relieve my chronic muscle aches, especially the aches in my leg that come from having an arthritic hip. I’ve become a believer. I sleep better and while my aches and pain haven’t disappeared, they are much more tolerable. Thank you!

Lynn N.

CanneuroMax 2500 — This really works. I work out 5 times per week consistently (CrossFit and OrangeTheory) and experienced much more joint and muscle pain prior to starting use. This product keeps me from spending $150 a time for a therapeutic muscle message. 2500 is the way to go.

Ben W.

Thrivessence Pain Cream — I originally bought this pain cream at an open air market in Gilbert, Arizona. I have chronic neck pain. I applied a small amount of the cream to my neck. By the time I had walked thru the market my neck pain was much improved. I was able to move my neck more easily. I went back to the stand and bought a jar. I continue to use it on my neck. My husband recently broke his ankle and I have been rubbing the cream on his swollen and painful ankle. It has truly helped. I’ll be purchasing more cream in the future.

Jane S.

Canneuro1000 — This is “extra-strength” level at a reasonable price. I have seen lower dosages at higher prices.

Martin S.

Thrivessence Pain Cream — I can use my thumb again. With the CBD cream I can use my thumb and entire hand. In fact after using the cream I golfed 27 holes of golf in one day….shot my best game ever BUT more importantly NO PAIN! I would recommend this product to ANYONE seeking pain relief. I have bone on bone arthritis and test this product at a Marketplace faire. it worked so well, I ordered it the next day. Thanks.

Janet C.

CanneuroMax 2500 — Amazing. Love it. I’m from Wisconsin and only order from here!

Nicole P.

Canneuro1000 — I have been using Canneuro1000 for three months and have found it to be beneficial in relieving joint pain in my hands. My sleep patterns have also improved. I intend to keep using the product since it is beneficial and has no side effects.

Thomas G.

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