CBD for Anxiety: Treat Your Symptoms for a Healthier You

Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

When you experience anxiety, your stomach may ache, your heart might race, you may feel as if you can’t breathe, and even have a feeling of "loss of control." When this happens, our system can go into sort of a "fight or flight" mode which can, in turn, affect the overall health of our bodies. Anxiety manifests in so many ways—mentally and physically—and if it is not properly treated, it may eventually lead to future health problems. Improper management of stress can result in lowered emotional intelligence and causes discomfort for yourself and often those around you.

If you don’t consistently manage your levels of stress and anxiety, your mortality rate increases and you may become more susceptible to serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and many other potentially fatal diseases. An article on Science Daily discusses how researchers conducted a study by asking people how cannabis affects their anxiety and stress levels. Many people in the study reported that taking puffs of marijuana lessened the negative effects that anxiety and stress cause. But what if you're not looking to ingest mood-altering or mind-altering substances? Then you are a good candidate for CBD hemp products.

Historically, doctors have been quick to prescribe anti-anxiety medications that support Big Pharma. That has begun to change.

As you probably know, the hemp and marijuana industry is taking North America by storm. Some states in the US and governments of other countries have begun to recognize that THC and CBD are not only becoming a significant market, but that these cannabinoids are able to benefit users with real benefits, including anxiety relief.

For those of you who prefer a natural type of medicine, without the unwanted side-effects, CBD offers a great option, as this component found inside of cannabis is able to relax the nerves and calm the body, reducing inflammation, all without the "high" effects that THC usually provides. It is important to point out that marijuana plants and hemp plants are two totally different crops from the same species. Let me explain: marijuana plants are bred specifically for high amounts of THC, the component of cannabis which gets you high or stoned. Hemp plants, and more specifically, "industrial" hemp plants, grown under the guidelines of the Farm Bill of 2014 must legally adhere to the strict <0.3% THC concentrations in their crops of hemp. This means that it is highly regulated so the organic farmers produce naturally-occurring clones of their best CBD Hemp plants with the highest concentrations of CBD and the lowest THC possible, and generally well below the 0.3% maximum. So that is why there is always trace THC in most full-spectrum hemp oils but generally not enough to test positive on drug screenings. CBD is not mind-altering but rather assists your own body's endocannabinoid system to naturally restore connections, helping to return your body to homeostasis or balance.

Can Vaping CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

When you vape, you are not burning any matter. Thankfully this limits your exposure to carcinogenic effects. Vaping isn't necessarily considered great for your health either, though it's likely safer than cigarettes in the short term.

Simply heating up CBD oil to a certain warm temperature (usually 392 degrees Fahrenheit), enables you to experience beneficial effects, without having to taste the unpleasant effects of burned plant matter.

If you happen to be a novice in the cannabis area, then it may be wise to start with a low dose and then gradually increase it as time goes by. See how you feel and then toke up again if you are experiencing a panic attack. Vaping has a quick response time to effects and a high CBD mg bioavailability, which means more CBD will enter your system when you vape.

The discrete nature of a vape pen allows you to treat your symptoms on-the-go. Adventure out to the park, beach, or outside the movie theaters because the smell quickly dissipates into the air, so you don’t have to be paranoid, like you might if you were smoking a joint.

In short, it is best to start by easing yourself into CBD for anxiety to test your limits.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Take Effect?

Well, every individual varies, as each person has unique differences in their digestive system and metabolism. Usually, you will begin to feel the calm-like effects twenty minutes after ingesting or dosing, although it could take up to a full hour.

You should dose anywhere from 2–20mg depending on what exactly you are treating—every cannabis user is different. For experienced people, over 20mg is usually tolerated. If you suffer from epilepsy and seizures, it is likely that you'll want to administer a higher dose of CBD, as a low dosage may not ease the epileptic debilitating symptoms. Treating for seizures should be done as recommended by your physician.

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

Now, you may be wondering, are there side effects with CBD, and what are they?CBD has been connected with certain possible side effects, including dry mouth, nausea, “wake” feeling, drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, changes in appetite, anxiety, and depression.

    There are people that hemp oil may not be right for:

    • Pregnant women or lactating mothers
    • Individuals with hepatic or liver diseases
    • People who are allergic or sensitive to cannabinoids
    • Individuals who have blood pressure problems

    Before you begin with CBD, we highly recommend that you test lower dosages first, to see how you tolerate it.

    CBD Anxiety Study

    According to Medical News Today, “CBD does not change a person’s state of mind when they use it.” Just because this compound is derived from cannabis, this doesn’t mean you’ll get "high." There actually is a lot more to this glorious plant after all.

    Because of this factor, many cannabis advocates argue that this plant offers more health benefits than risks, which we agree with. For instance, the plant is loaded with antioxidants which is good for health on a microcellular level, enabling your cells to die and renew as they should.

    Administering CBD is simple. You can choose to take it as drops, vape it, ingest it in the form of edibles, or use it topically on the skin.

     Buying CBD Oil for Anxiety

    Loosen up and start treating your anxiety with CBD oil because at the end of the day, your liver will not be ruined, nor will your life; instead the results will be unbelievably desirable.

    Anxiety will always inflame the body and cause our muscles to become tight and tense. CBD is able to penetrate deep within our fat cells and release that tenseness, resulting a healthier and happier—you. Pain Creams with CBD Hemp Infusion are generally very effective at treating inflammation and when combined with the use of a Hemp Oil on a daily basis the results are truly miraculous for certain types of individuals that found western patented medicines ineffective or addicting, or they experienced too many side effects that were negative.

     Other ways to improve cellular regeneration include:

    • Baking Brownies
    • Eating gummies
    • Dabbing
    • Oils
    • Tinctures
    • Hemp seeds

    CBD Oil for Depression

    Depression is rampant, we hear time again that someone new or famous just committed suicide. This disease is silent but real. If you want to increase your well-being and happy-like feelings than CBD could help boost your mood as you may start to see life with brighter color.

    The cannabinoids and antioxidants from the cannabis plant provide your brain with extra serotonin and dopamine.

    CBD Dosing Benefits:

    • Relieves inflammation inside of the body
    • Calms nerves, and makes it easier for people to go about their day
    • Since anxiety can play a negative role in our stomach and minds, you may lack an appetite. Thankfully, with CBD oil, you will be hungry, which will ensure that you get the proper nutrients to restore and replenish your internal and external human body/organs
    • Helps patients who suffer from epilepsy and seizures live a better and more fulfilling life
    • May fight cancer cells
    • Helps sufferers of pain and discomfort
    • Reduces discomfort from allergies
    • Improves sleep
    • Reduces PTSD
    • May lower blood sugar
    • Helps with Auto-Immune Disorders

    Anxiety Sufferers May Want to Steer Clear from Big Pharma

    Big Pharma medications that aim to treat anxiety have been known to kill people, especially if they are mixed with other substances. One great example includes Xanax and opiates, there have been too many people that have died this way, either from cardiac arrest or a depressed respiratory system. Not only are prescription drugs killing us, but they are destroying our organs from the inside out. Our livers take a beating each and every year, depending on what we let enter your body; give it a break and opt for CBD.

    CBD oil is not hazardous to anyone’s health. It provides plenty of antioxidant properties that prove this type of natural treatment works for people experiencing anxiety; real-life humans have expressed this fact! The overwhelming response and popularity is really amazing to witness.

    Here at Wellphora, each and every member of our team goes out to various marketplaces & retail locations to meet with individuals who have treated their conditions successfully with CBD.

    It is also important to mention that many patients suffering from anxiety often head to the doctor more often than not. By allowing people to use CBD oil for their anxiety, this could possibly reduce medical costs and diagnostic testing that is unnecessary. In addition a person's general health will improve as homeostasis or balance in your system occurs.

    During a CBD anxiety study, an article on NPR discusses that marijuana extract is in fact helping anxiety-ridden people. The piece quotes, Richard Ferry, a Portland, Oregon cannabis retail Manager who states “my customers are buying CBD [for] stress relief”.Of course, patients are the first to claim a remedy for relief.

    So, the question remains, can CBD oil help anxiety? From the information, testimonials, first hand accounts, and research we’ve discussed, we certainly think so.

    Anxiety is a tricky disease, you never know if your issue is a true health problem or severe chemical imbalance or just your anxiety talking and your telling yourself all the worst things. Either way, treating yourself the natural plant way is everyone’s best bet.

    If you happen to be in need of CBD oil for anxiety and looking to make a purchase then click here to relieve your mind, muscles, anxiety, and give yourself a break from the never-ending thoughts of fear that constantly plague your mind; it’s about time you naturally medicate and unwind.