• Which way to go with CBD?

    Function following form: CBD options CBD comes in a variety of forms which can be confusing to sort out: oils, chewable gummies, vapes, waters, flowers, capsules, bath salts, skincare items, and more. These group into 3 distinct categories—edibles (CBD you ingest) topicals (CBD you put on your sk... View Post
  • CBD for Pain

    In this article, we explore CBD for pain, whether it works, how it is used for pain management, and the most commonly used pain management options containing CBD. View Post
  • The ABCs of CBD Edibles

    CBD Edibles: Benefits and Effects The interest in CBD edibles has drastically increased. Of course, with the increase in interest comes an increase in questions. What are the benefits of using edibles? What are the effects? How long do CDB edibles last? Will they make you high? How long will it ... View Post