• CanneuroRaw 250mg Hemp Oil - Wellphora
  • CanneuroRaw 250mg Hemp Oil - Wellphora

CanneuroRaw 250mg Hemp Oil


CanneuroRaw is 250mg of pure CO2 super extraction for the raw-diet afficionado. This hemp has been extracted without chemicals or solvents and is unheated and has not been subjected to any decarboxylation. In addition, it is unfiltered, so it contains all the plants botanical nutrients in their purest form. However, the result of this purity is a pronounced bitter taste that cannot be avoided when ingesting hemp in this raw state. You must be motivated and committed to the raw ingestion process already or this product may be too much for your palette. Think wheatgrass with a sharp bitter snap at the end. Vegan and raw, this product is carried in a fractionated organic coconut oil which is a certified food grade MCT.