We offer two methods of CBD delivery that have been reported to provide significant relief for occasional pain. The first is our Canneuro CBD Oil which is always front-line as far as what seems to provide the best relief. This product is delivered sublingually (absorbed under the tongue). We recommend either Canneuro1000 or CanneuroMax 2500; body mass, severity of symptoms and metabolism all play significant factors in an individual determining what amount of hemp-derived CBD oil they interpret as being the most beneficial. The CanneuroMax 2500 is significantly more potent, and you may need to start with ½ of the recommended dose initially and slowly work up to the recommended dose listed on the packaging. Every person requires a little different dosing to reach their desired effects, and there will be some trial and error needed to find the best dosing regimen for you.

The second delivery method is a topical application. Our 4.5 oz. Pain Cream 555 is a supplement to the oil and can provide relatively immediate relief based on user feedback.

The Canneuro sublingual oil is absorbed into the bloodstream through the tissues under the tongue and works systemically, often taking care of the underlying issues causing occasional pain. The pain cream works directly at the site, consistent with the action of any topical cream.