• Zooneuro300 – Bacon Flavor!

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    Zooneuro Pet CBD Oil 300mg is a hemp therapy solution designed for medium size pets (15-60 lbs.). It is an all-natural product meeting the needs of pet owners wary of placing unnatural or unproven ingredients into their pet's system. Many pet owners report an increased calmness in their pets while owners of older pets report their pet's relief from ailments and that the pet is much more comfortable. Additionally, their mobility is often increased as well. Zooneuro 300mg contains organically farmed hemp extracts and the highest grade MCT oil, certified food grade organic. Pet owners can trust that they're putting only the best ingredients into their pet's system with Zooneuro by Wellphora™

    Recommended for pets from 15-60 lbs.
  • Todd Treats

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    When we were looking to introduce a CBD edible for dogs that was not only safe and effective, but irresistible, we consulted the top pet expert on the Wellphora team: Todd. Like many pets, Todd found CBD to help him be more calm, improve skin irritation symptoms, and decrease hip and joint soreness. Now Todd can get a treat that not only helps him feel his best, but is a highlight of his day! Made from all human-grade ingredients, Todd Treats are also gluten and grain-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and non-psychoactive. See how Todd Treats can provide your dog with the benefits of organic CBD in a treat they’ll love! Todd Treats CBD dog treats by Wellphora come in a package of 30 bone-shaped treats, each containing 5mg CBD. Net weight 5.2oz / 156g.
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