CanneuroMax 2500

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CanneuroMax 2500 CBD Oil is designed for those requiring larger daily servings of hemp-derived, full spectrum CBD. The most common users are people suffering from occasional and sometimes severe pain. The next group of CanneuroMax 2500 likely users are athletes who competitively train, require rapid recovery, and can’t afford to miss the next training session. The third is allergy sufferers who report much needed relief. It is used by others for all the normal health and wellness benefits, people with larger body masses, people with faster metabolism, people looking for alternative and all natural CBD solutions in a high-potency product that really packs the value per mg.

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CanneuroMax 2500 contains 2500mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

Suggested use: 1/2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily. Place drops under the tongue and let dissipate for 30 seconds, then swallow.

5 reviews for CanneuroMax 2500

  1. Erin P.

    Great for pain! Immediate gratification for pain and in such a natural way. Won’t go a day without my CBD.

  2. Patricia I.

    I have experienced a multitude of different products and strengths from other manufactures, these Wellphora products are hands down the best I have used! It has helped my anxiety and sleep issues,

  3. Patrick C.

    Disabled Chiropractor — I was forced to retire in 2015 due to Osteochondromatosis in both shoulders. My shoulders wore away abnormally fast due to this wear making it difficult to sleep, reach, push and later even reach over head. Taking the sublingual and topical solutions from Wellphora has helped me continue to function with considerable less pain and maintain daily living activities while I contemplate shoulder replacements. I’m taking the 2500 mg sublingual oil and using the 500 mg topical lotion. They have the best combination I have found on the market.

  4. Nicole P.

    Amazing. Love it. I’m from Wisconsin and only order from here!

  5. Larry L. (verified owner)

    This works awesome! I have a lot of joint pain from old injuries and this nearly eliminates all the pain and stiffness. I also use the 2K cream when I need some extra help. Highly recommend!

    • Matt

      Thank you for reviewing the Pain Cream 2K. Everyone loves this product and it has quickly become our most popular pain relief topical, and for good reason… it does work AWESOME!

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