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Canneuro1000 is a full-spectrum CBD oil made from organically-farmed hemp, and processed using an advanced CO2 extraction technique for the healthiest, greenest hemp oil you can buy. To deliver this full-spectrum extract the best way possible, Canneuro1000 uses an extremely high-grade organic MCT oil containing 93% MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides). Canneuro1000 is used by most adults looking for an increased effect from the full-spectrum hemp extracts, including athletes who train rigorously and look for the help in allowing their bodies to recover quickly and naturally. Cannuero 1000 is our most popular and best-selling product throughout the country.

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Canneuro1000 contains 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

1 fluid ounce (30 mL) bottle. 60 servings.

Suggested Use: ½ mL (½ dropper) 1 to 3 times daily. Place drops under tongue and let dissipate for 30 seconds, then swallow.

21 reviews for Canneuro1000

  1. Abigail L.

    Amazing for inflammation. After many years of battling chronic pain from arthritis I am now back in my yoga classes and feeling better than I have in years – I’m a life long member of Wellphora now.

  2. Nancy H.

    My anxiety is calmed by the use of CBD. I am able to handle the day’s situations with much more ease than before.

  3. Shelly

    Amazing product! I used this when my husband was in the hospital. The stress and pressure was intense. I had a lot of calming techniques but at some point, I needed more help. This worked to calm my nerves while keeping my mind sharp as a tack…maybe even sharper because I wasn’t distracted by anxiety. I’m so grateful I have this tool to help get me through it.

  4. Jessica W.

    This product is amazing. It’s life changing. I haven’t slept this great Ever! I still wake up sometimes through the night, but now my sleep is deeper. I can’t wait to see after being on the oil for a month or two.

  5. Loretta M.

    Relief !

    I was desperate to find something that would relieve the pain in my arthritic knees. Happened to find Wellphora and I was amazed. I have no sharp pain or aching in my knees. I’ve told everyone. Praise God!

  6. Justin R.

    I have been taking the CBD Oil for about 2 weeks and have already noticed a difference in my mood and have much lower anxiety levels

  7. Erin J.

    Great product

  8. Cass D.

    No pain meds. I recently ended up in the ER with non-displaced fractures on my S2 and S3 in my back. Upon being released from the ER I began using Canneuro1000 3 times a day. I never had the script filled for the pain meds as I didn’t need it. I feel I am healing quickly and am improving every day.

  9. Victoria F.

    Best 1000mg full-spectrum. I have chronic muscle cramps and osteoarthritis. I’ve seen pain management doctors who prescribed amitriptyline (which I stopped taking due to horrible side effects) and gone through physical therapies. Even had steriod shots and facet injections (it relieved the pain for a while but of course it always comes back). I had baclofen prescribed that I was taking up to 3 times a day along with 600mg arthritis pain reliever that I took 2 of 3 times a day also until I had to cut down because of elevated AST and ALT. I also rub pain cream all over my entire body. My husband saw an ad for CBD hemp oil and ordered it for me to try. So far I’ve tried Charlotte’s Web, PureKana, CBDPure and in differed flavors. I feel that my pain reduced somewhat but not to the point I expected (maybe I expected too much?). We found Wellphora booth at a farmer’s market and decided to buy Canneuro 1000 full spectrum and Thrivessence pain cream. After a month I’ve felt the difference – your product beats them all !!!. I just bought a second bottle online and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick my order arrived. I highly recommend Canneuro 1000 full spectrum to my friends.

  10. Laura K.

    I bought this oil for my elderly parents to help combat their aches and pains. I’m happy to report my father said he feels like a brand new man! My mother’s pain is worse and she has also experienced relief! I’m now ordering them each their second bottles each! Thank you so much for such a great product!

  11. Tricia D.

    works great for my girlfriend. controls her depression.

  12. Martin S.

    This is “extra-strength” level at a reasonable price. I have seen lower dosages at higher prices.

  13. Jd W.

    This has really helped control my chronic pain.

  14. Teri S.

    Shingles pain — I wish I would have found this product sooner. I greatly improved the pain I had with shingles. I will not hesitate recommending the use of this product to anyone.

  15. Fran O.

    Seems to relieve some pain

  16. Debra P.

    Still testing but seems to help with inflammation.

  17. Bonnie C.

    So far so good.

  18. Wenda B.

    CBD gave me my life back!

    I have been using CBD oil since July 2018. I have endured horrific pain in my neck and spine for several years. I also have Tarlov Cysts at my upper spine. CBD oil has been able to eliminate the worst of my pain…..and I am able to enjoy my life again.
    Thank you Wellphora, for your great product and amazing customer service.

  19. Thomas G.

    I have been using Canneuro 1000 for three months and have found it to be beneficial in relieving joint pain in my hands. My sleep patterns have also improved. I intend to keep using the product since it is beneficial and has no side effects.

  20. Cliff Y.

    Great product! The quality of this product is so much better than some of the others we’ve tried. Fast free delivery is great as well.

  21. Lynn N.

    Helps relieve my muscle aches. I was skeptical about whether this oil would help relieve my chronic muscle aches, especially the aches in my leg that come from having an arthritic hip. I’ve become a believer. I sleep better and while my aches and pain haven’t disappeared, they are much more tolerable. Thank you!

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