Comfort Pack


The Comfort Pack contains:

  • Thrivessence Daily Moisturizer (Regular $49.00)
  • CBD Gummies (Regular $35.00)
  • Canneuro 1000 (Regular $72.00)
  • CBD Softgels 750 mg (Regular $55.00)

Regular Price $211.00 — Value Pack Price $199.00   NEW Price $189.00

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Thrivessence CBD-Infused Body Moisturizer, 16.5 oz., is a simple and effective solution for dry skin. Amino acids, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, rosehip seed oil and botanical antioxidants reach deep into the cell structure to soothe and repair. Gentle and safe for all skin types and daily use. Contains 500 mg CBD. ZERO THC product. Made in the USA from all-natural 100% organic ingredients.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of Wellphora’s CBD Gummies. They taste great and deliver the benefits of 99.9% pure CBD. Our 100% American-grown hemp is farmed under the strictest industry guidelines using only organic farming practices. Contents: 15 Gummies. Each gummy contains 20 mg of pure CBD (300 mg total).

Canneuro 1000 is a full-spectrum CBD oil made from organically-farmed hemp, and processed using an advanced super critical CO2 extraction technique for the healthiest, greenest CBD oil you can buy. To deliver this full-spectrum CBD the best way possible, Canneuro 1000 uses an extremely high-grade 93% pure organic MCT oil. Canneuro 1000 is the perfect starter for most adults, providing a 34-50 mg daily serving. It is used by those looking for an all-natural organic full-spectrum CBD oil. Athletes who train rigorously and look for the help in allowing their bodies to recover quickly and naturally add Canneuro 1000 to their daily regimen.

Our Gold Formulated Softgel Capsules, 750 mg, are a premium, high-potency CBD hemp product. Each softgel is infused with super critical CO2 extracted, concentrated CBD oil from medical grade hemp. Each softgel contains 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD. These easy-to-take Softgels ensure you get an exact amount of CBD in every serving.


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