Jackpot Pack


The Jackpot Pack contains:

  • 2 bottles of CanneuroMax 2500 mg (Regular $288.00)
  • 2 jars of Pain Cream 555, 4.5 oz. (Regular $98.00)

Regular Price $386.00 — Value Pack Price $340.00

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CanneuroMax 2500mg CBD Oil is designed for those requiring larger daily servings of full-spectrum CBD. People suffering from soreness report maximum relief. High-dose CBD is also reported to help those with severe allergies. Competitive athletes use the higher potency of CanneuroMax 2500 for pre-workout performance as well as post-workout recovery. It is used by others for all the normal health and wellness benefits and for the value per mg.

CBD-Infused Pain Cream (4.5 oz) is a therapeutic moisturizer for soreness relief. This analgesic cream penetrates beneath the skin, easing pain, muscle soreness, achy joints and dryness with a specially formulated heating/cooling action. Contains 555 mg of full-spectrum CBD.


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