Skin Care Pack


The Skin Care Pack contains:

  • Thrivessence Daily Moisturizer (Regular $49.00)
  • Thrivessence Body Butter 4 oz. (Regular $29.00)
  • Thrivessence Eye Cream 1 oz. (Regular $45.00)

Regular Price $123.00 — Value Pack Price $119.00     NEW Price $109.00

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Thrivessence CBD-Infused Organic Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a simple and effective solution for dry skin. Amino acids, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, rosehip seed oil and botanical antioxidants reach deep into the cell structure to soothe and repair. Gentle and safe for all skin types and daily use. Contains 500 mg CBD. ZERO THC product.

Thrivessence CBD-Infused Body Butter contains deep healing moisturizers that restore the skin, taking it from dry, itchy and flaky to smooth, hydrated and healthy. Perfect for dry skin and colder climates when extreme hydration is needed. Papaya enzymes gently keep the skin clear and free of dead skin cell buildup, while pumpkin and pomegranate antioxidants keep the skin young and protected from free radical damage. Contains 150 mg of CBD. ZERO THC product. Made in the USA from all-natural 100% organic ingredients.

Thrivessence CBD-Infused Eye Cream is formulated to fight puffiness and dark circles with CBD’s natural ability to fight inflammation. With daily use in the morning and night, the cream‘s increased hydration and moisturizing effects help the delicate skin around your eyes become brighter and lighter and regain its firmness and elasticity with increased collagen production . Makeup can be applied directly over this cream. Contains 100 mg CBD. Made in USA from all-natural 100% organic ingredients. ZERO THC product.


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