Zooneuro300 – Bacon Flavor!

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Zooneuro Pet CBD Oil 300mg is a hemp therapy solution designed for medium size pets (15-60 lbs.). It is an
all-natural product meeting the needs of pet owners wary of placing unnatural or unproven ingredients into their pet’s system. Many pet owners report an increased calmness in their pets while owners of older pets report their pet’s relief from ailments and that the pet is much more comfortable. Additionally, their mobility is often increased as well. Zooneuro 300mg contains organically farmed hemp extracts and the highest grade MCT oil, certified food grade organic. Pet owners can trust that they’re putting only the best ingredients into their pet’s system with Zooneuro by Wellphora™

Recommended for pets from 15-60 lbs.

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Zooneuro300 contains 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD derived from organically-farmed industrial hemp.

1 fluid ounce (30 mL) bottle. 60 servings.

Suggested Use: 1/2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily. Place drops directly into pet’s mouth, or mix into peanut butter. Not water soluble.

2 reviews for Zooneuro300 – Bacon Flavor!

  1. Matt R.

    Best Pet Product/ Vet Recommended! I have an 80lb Black Mouth Cur that you would never believe has any fear of anything… until a clap of thunder or a firework goes off. Then he becomes the biggest baby on the planet and gets crazy nervousness where he pants and drools and curls his tail under while he trembles uncontrollably trying to crawl up in my lap. I heard about Zooneuro from my vet because he acts the same way when he goes to vet for his shots and checkups. So I went online and bought a bottle. It came in 2 days with free shipping. I gave him his 1st dose a few weeks ago during an evening thunderstorm when he started to panic. 20 minutes later it was as if he has never been afraid of thunder. He was totally fine and didn’t even seem to notice the house shaking for the next couple hours. Then I gave him another dose days later before a road trip up to the mountains. Instead of panting and panicking on the mountain curves he was totally calm and relaxed the entire car ride. I will definitely be ordering again soon because now we have made it part of his daily routine. CBD is working as well for him as it is for me! I highly recommend Zooneuro.

  2. Patricia P.

    I am so relieved there is a CBD product for animals it is the most humane way to help them without the awful pharmaceuticals! All natural and my dogs love it and they are much better off on it! My one dog has major anxiety and during thunderstorms it’s even worse. I just say come get your medicine and they all line up! They love it!

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